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Pls Cuff Me Pass 1/1

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The Pls Cuff Me 1/1 Genesis Membership Pass is one of five unique and most coveted genesis passes created during the genesis season on Mad Realities. Holding one of these passes is your key to the Mad Realities universe, and unlocks one-of-a-kind powers to interact with the world's first web3 dating show: Proof of Love.

Utility related to Proof of Love Season 0: (in addition to the special powers granted by the Midnight, Cerulean, AND Sangria Rose Passes) the ability to put anyone in as a contestant on Episode 5 (with Rose Hands right of refusal), producer credits in episode 5, and sponsorship rights to episode 5, including: a 10 second advert at primetime moment in the episode that we make for you, "Sponsored By" mentions in description, shoutout of your choice in the live aftershow.

Utility related to Mad Realities universe: basic access to shows on Mad Realities, access to Behind the Scenes exclusive content, access to exclusive community, and access to virtual and in-person parties.

Congrats - you're one of 554 Mad Realities' day one stans.

As a special member of the Genesis Membership Pass series representing each of the episode in Proof of Love Season Zero, proceeds of this special auction at the end of episode 4 go towards: 30% to jackpot prize of season finale, 10% to prize pool of Episode 5, 5% to artist, 40% to community treasury to fund future shows, and 15% to buyer's choice (any of those pools, or charity of choice). The crazy shenanigans that ensue... you made that happen

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