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The world’s first interactive dating show where the community decides what happens (and who happens).



Every week, we release and auction a new unique 1/1 representing the next episode of Proof of Love. Winners can put anyone in as a contestant on the next episode, and sponsor the next episode. Proceeds increase finale jackpot size -- by participating in the auctions, you're directly making the show spicier.

Auction ends live on screen at the end of the live aftershow. Episode starts at 8pm ET.

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Rules of the Game: Proof of Love

  • What are the show mechanics and rules of the game?

    PROOF OF LOVE is a game show that acts as a commentary on the ridiculousness of dating shows. No one REALLY believes anyone’s finding love on The Bachelor. So we wanted to take the concept to the test: what if a chosen contestant was offered money to walk off alone?

    Every week, holders of our Genesis Membership Pass vote in a new bachelor(ette) to star in the next episode via our casting game. Four contestants (three chosen by the core team, one chosen by the winner of the previous week’s 1/1 Auction) do their best job of PROVING THEIR LOVE to them over the course of three social challenges. The bachelor/ette will eliminate one contestant per round and eventually choose one of the contestants to go on an IRL date with and come back together in early April on our fifth episode for a huge jackpot this time proving their love for each other (or your ability to pretend) to our VIEWERS. ALL VIEWERS VOTE IN THE FINALE TO DECIDE WHO WINS THE JACKPOT — think text-to-vote days for American Idol.

    But, before that happens, the winning contestant has a choice: accept the date (and commit to coming back as a couple to our finale episode where you may have a chance of winning our jackpot prize in ETH), or walk away with $1,000 worth of ETH. The choice is yours. Welcome to Proof of Love.

  • How do the 1/1 Passes interact with the show format?

    Each 1/1 Pass is a member of the Genesis Membership Pass series, and there are only 5 total unique 1/1 NFTs EVER representing the episodes of Proof of Love. (One for each episode)

    The special power of these passes is to put anyone in as a contestant on the next episode — or, for the last one, pick any show concept to get a trailer made (and enter the race for the next show(s) in the MR universe)

    The breakdown is as follows:

    • 40% to the community treasury, which is governed by the genesis series
    • 5% to the artist
    • 30% to jackpot
    • 10% to the prize pool of the next episode
    • 15% allocated to a pool of the winners choice - or to a charity of the winner’s choice
  • What are the powers granted by each unique 1/1 NFT?

    Each is a member of the Genesis Membership Pass series, and there are only 5 total unique 1/1 NFTs EVER representing the episodes. Thus, each contains membership to the Mad Realities universe, forever.

    In addition to that, the 1/1 NFTs that go for auction every week have the following powers:

    Auction #1-3:

    • Ability to put a contestant in on the next episode
    • Ability to sponsor the next episode

    Auction #4 Ending 4/3/2022:

    • Ability to put a contestant in for the season finale – and the core team chooses their partner
    • Ability to sponsor the season finale

    Auction #5 Ending 4/24/2022:

    • Represents the whole season
    • Gives you the ability to get one pilot trailer made by the Mad Realities Team to enter the race to be voted in as a proposal for a future show
      • Rule is you can provide a one liner pitch / show concept
      • Mad Realities team has creative freedom to spin on it / meme it / roast it if needed


Mad Realities is reimagining TV for the modern world.

Mad Realities in its first phase is ~the world’s first web3, interactive TV channel~. We believe that interactive content is nothing without dedicated and engaged community, and web3 properly incentivizes all parties involved (talent, viewers, creatives, etc.) to create and surface the most entertaining content possible.

Proof of Love, the initial dating show that we are working on is positioned to be the start of the network that will ultimately contain a universe of content that’s interactive and audience driven from conception to consumption. Shows that are created, participated, cast, and decided by you.

While we are the first studio on the network, Mad Realities is not just one show, and it’s not just the current core team making shows. Our vision extends far, far beyond this first step — and extends into a future decentralized media platform that anyone can make content on. Picture something like crypto Netflix or crypto Youtube, where behind every ****show on the platform, there is an active community who co-owns, co-creates, engages with, and distributes this content. In order to participate at this community level, you must hold a membership pass in the form of an NFT (available for purchase on OpenSea).


  • 🎮 Interactive? How?

    Access to ‘interact’ with Proof of Love — nominating bachelors or contestants each work, voting on cast, eliminating contestants, guessing weekly outcomes and much more — comes with the purchase of a Mad Realities Membership Pass. Our various tiers of NFTs act as membership passes that give corresponding governance power to their holders. More on membership passes below.

  • 📅 What’s the timeline on this?

    • JAN 24 — mint for genesis membership pass NFTs closes
    • FEB 15 — launch party in NYC (more details to be announced. 25 spots reserved for Genesis Member Pass holders.)
    • FEB 16 — drop Mad Realities sizzle & Proof Love sizzle. Ooh la la
    • FEB 17 — dropping our casting game! be a part of the first decentralized casting crew and vote in our first bachelors and bachelorettes who each star in their own episode. (we know all of you have that one friend that is destined to be on a dating show 👀)
    • MAR 9 — kick off filming first episode in our studio in NYC (special extra content for Membership Pass holders)
    • MAR 13 - APR 3— new episodes of Proof of Love air each Sunday night on Youtube, with an in person watch party in NYC for Membership Pass holders.
    • APR 24 — Season Finale airs on Youtube, with an in person watch party in NYC for Membership Pass holders.
  • 🎬 How does the show work? Tell me more about the format.

    • It starts with the WORLD’S FIRST DECENTRALIZED CASTING CREW. Valentine’s Day 2022 is the start of our hunt for our first few bachelor(ette)s. Nomination and voting on potential cast members will are live on the Proof of Love website.
    • Season 0 kicks off March 2022 and will have 5 episodes.
      • Episodes 1 through 4 will be standalone episodes, each with their own bachelor or bachelorette. Every week, holders of our Rose NFT will vote in a new Bachelor(ette) to star in the next episode. Each Sunday night, new episodes will air live on the Mad Realities platform and Youtube. That week’s bachelor(ette) will date four (4) audience voted contestants who are vying for their love. The episode will run ~10 minutes long followed by an after show with surprise guests judges and other special guests. After the episode is aired, a new casting call will open up for the next week’s cast.
      • Episode 5 will be a wild card finale. Leading up to the end of the season, there will be a Snapshot vote held to decide which fan favorites should come back for a spicy, mystery activity co-created by our community. We have no idea what this will look like right now which makes the experiment all the more fun.
  • 🍿 What will the show AACTUAALLLLY look like?

    Proof of Love will be filmed in-person in NYC on a REAAAAL LIFE SET. We film episodes IRL in our studio in Williamsburg on Wednesdays. Membership Pass NFT holders have exclusive access to a live stream into the set, and can hang out or throw out creative ideas live as we film. Alice, Devin, Adam, and our film crew will be on set, directing, and curating creative ideas from the stream. (We hold creative direction, but we know the funniest and best ideas are going to come from our community!)

    We want it to look good, but not too polished. While we use the term “Reality TV” to describe content coming out of Mad Realities, you may ask yourself...what IS Reality TV? Is all social media Reality TV? So, expect the quality of a pretty good Youtube channel, not ABC’s The Bachelor.

  • 👁️ Where can I watch this?

    Episodes will air at 8pm ET every Sunday from March 13th to April 10th on Youtube, where NFT holders can interact in real time with the content.

    Episodes will air for the first time LIVE — we like the visual of friends sitting on the couch together watching TV together as it airs. Episodes will be viewable thereafter online, even if you missed the original airtime.

  • 🎟️ So you’re saying it’s free to watch, but a membership pass is required to participate, engage, or have governance?